Thursday, February 26, 2009

Idol Top 36 Part 2

I promise this blog is not going to become strictly an American Idol blog, I just haven't had much to write about lately...

Having said that, it is gross how obvious it is when the judges are trying to sway the viewers at home to vote for the people they want to see get through. For example Megan Corkrey, who it should be said I love very much, does not deserve to go through if we're basing it just on last night's performance. The judges, however like her because as they said multiple times, she's "commercial" so Simon pleaded with America to give her another chance and vote her through which they will because they always do...

On the other hand, we have Mishavona who is nowhere near as cute or "commercial" as Megan, but she absolutely blew Megan out of the water last night. She sang the shit out of that stupid Drops of Jupiter and then the judges made all kinds of silly criticisms like she's too polished or old fashioned. What? It made no sense. She was great. Best performance of the night and she will not get through, which is a shame.

Adam Lambert is a fucking joke. He's the worst. He turned "Satisfaction" into 80's hair metal. I had a hard time watching it. The judges like him though, so he goes through. I don't get him, but I don't get Lil Rounds either and they'll probably take up two spots in the top 3 (the other being dead wife exploiter Danny Gokey)

And so does the young girl with the pink hair who was good, but didn't do that song like Carrie Underwood did a few years ago.

I'm not even going to start on Norman Gentile. He's the worst. It was marginally entertaining, though. He'll milk this. He could honestly get through. Which is frightening.

Everything else was pretty blah. The judges like that piano playing guy who SUCKED. But they talked him up enough to try to get him put through, so he's a possibility as well.

Anyway: Pink Hair, Lambert and Corkrey get through tonight

Not out of it: Piano guy, Bald welder and god help me, Norman Gentile

Thursday, February 19, 2009

My Idol Concern

I need to talk about this very quickly and I apologize in advance to Mara and all the Gokeyphiles out there.

Listen, I like Danny Gokey. I think he's a nice guy. I think he's a fine singer and I fully believe he would have made the Top 12 regardless of the producers ramming him down my throat. But holy shit. Holy effing shit. Enough, American Idol. I get it. You've decided you want Danny Gokey to win and are planning to stop at nothing to see that happen. I can just imagine what you said in Kara's earpiece before she critiqued his fine performance on Tuesday night. Did you tell her to have an orgasm on camera?

My big problem, though is last night. Anyone who has seen an episode of American Idol knew there was absolutely no suspense surrounding the Gokey/Tatiana showdown at the end of the show, but there we have it. It's Gokey. Gokey's in the Top 12, go sing your song Danny and while you're at it our cameras will pan over to your family whom we will coach to hold up a picture of you with your dead wife just in case anyone forgot you have a dead wife.

I wouldn't have such a big problem with this had I believed these people just brought the picture to the taping with them and were so happy that, without thinking, they held the picture up so the camera could get an in focus close up on it on a live show - but they didn't. The Idol producers told them to bring it and I can just see the producer standing behind the camera lifting his arms up, signaling his poor family to hold up the picture. It's gross. It's so gross. And I don't blame Danny Gokey. It's not his fault. But it makes me not want him to win.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

American Idol Top 36 Part One

Well, it looks like it's time to start talking about American Idol.

First, Danny Gokey. I'm not buying all the Gokey hype just yet (like Simon) though I do think he'll go far. I don't know if he'll win, but he's going far. I feel like I'm being manipulated into liking him as much as I do. Having said that I do like him. Did anyone notice how Seacrest tried to get him to talk about his dead wife after he sang when he asked "where there any pictures going through your head while you performed?". He didn't. I was glad. Enough about his dead wife. A lot of people have dead wives. It doesn't automatically mean they should win singing contests.

Oh lord, Casey Carlson. My early pick! What a bomb, huh? She's still really hot. Like, unbelievably hot. There's no way Idol producers let her get away so quick. She's far and away the hottest thing going on that show (though I'm finding myself more attracted to Jackie Tohn as the weeks progress). I predict she doesn't make it tonight and then has a big redeemer of a performance during Wild Card and gets herself in. I actually don't remember, though do they perform again for wild card? If not, they'll say "we see something in you and we just think you had an off night" and she'll be back. Here's the thing, the performance was horrible, but that arrangement was the real mess and since when is anything sung by Sting "off limits"? Sting sucks!

Here's the thing about Tatiana, ya'll - she's awesome. I love her. She's absurd. She needs to get in, but the only way I see it happening is in a Sanjaya "vote for the worst" kind of way. She's certainly not the worst, she sang okay last night, but she's the worst person and people don't like her.

The second guy who sang last night was as boring as all get out.

Jackie Tohn can be a bit too much at times, but I happen to like her. I thought she was pretty good last night and think her likability grants her another shot. And I really did genuinely like her "trousers".

I really like the guy who calls everybody "sir" and "ma'am". I hope he makes it, but I don't think he will.

Line of the night "Well, where's Bucky Covington now?"

It was really funny when Anne Marie Boskovitch thought she could sing Aretha. I almost always believe no one should do Aretha...ever. Except Kelly Clarkson who basically won season one with the same song Boskovitvh butchered and apparently...

Alexis Grace. I officially love Alexis Grace. Last night I watched her performance and thought it was good, certainly best of the night, but then I watched a few times today and look out Gokey! She's really great. She's got soul, likability and she takes criticism well and builds on it. I really like her. So far she's my favorite.

My prediction for tonight: Gokey, Grace and Jackie Tohn

Not out of it yet: polite guy, Tatiana, Casey and maybe Anoop

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Yeah, yeah, yeah

A few months ago, I devised a game wherein I asked people which celebrity they think they could have an actual relationship with - like really date as they are now. You have to take a lot of things into account when answering. This person has to legitimately like you for you. You have to have similar lifestyles and the like.

In actuality these celebrities would all have to be ok with dating someone who wasn't famous and who would, more than likely, need to be provided for.

It's a fun game and a lot of thinking has to go into it.

The next part of the game, after you've chosen your person, is to get other people who know you to guess who they think the answer is. This is the hardest part. For mine, only Jess Cantrell got it almost immediately.

I'm not asking people to guess mine, I'll give you the answer - it's Lily Allen.

Lily has a new record out - it's called It's Not Me, It's You. There's a song on it called "Fuck You." I think that kind of explains why I'd pick her.

Oh, I'm back by the way and looking forward to new Gossip Girl and once they whittle this American Idol field down to the top 12, we can start talking about that too.