Thursday, December 4, 2008

A few thoughts about this season of Top Chef

Surprisingly, I really like Fabio and can't stand Jamie.

I was positive I would hate Fabio - his alliance with Stefan, his "I'm better than the Americans" attitude - but I don't. Not even a little. He's kind of self deprecating and obviously talented and most importantly, he's funny. He's in my pro column for now.

But Jamie, oh Jamie. You were supposed to be my favorite. Oh, how you've disappointed. You're mean and though you're a tiny, cute lesbian with sweet tats I can see through you. I was fooled by a Kenley once and I shant be again.

Ariane is making the finals. This I'm sure of.

I always hate the guest judge, even when I like them I hate them.

My guess for Top Chef slogan T this year is either Fabio or Danny. Neither has said anything that memorable yet, but just wait.

Melissa's bangs are atrocious. I find it hard to look at her. That's mean, I know but still.

I kind of think Hosea and Leah are adorable, though I'm confident they'll get old really fast.

Eugene looks like he just got out of prison.

The guy who left last night, Alex I think, looks like the WWE wrestler Umaga.

Carla is awesome. There is no season without Carla. She's crazy. I fear she's not long for the Top Chef world and what a sadder world it will be.

There is no other reality show on TV that has contestants who use the phrase "throw (someone) under the bus" more than Top Chef. In fact, it may overtake "I'm not here to make friends" as the single most cliched reality show phrase period. Probably not, though.


Little Fish said...

I heart Arianne and Eugene! I agree that Jamie is way too bitchy. I hate Stefan, but I also like Fabio. He's got talent and a sense of humor.

Padma is my homegirl!

Little Fish said...

Did you have trouble posting Prop 8 The Musical? I keep trying to embed it and it's not working! grrr!

Little Fish said...

never mind- I got it to work. btw- I love Carla too and I think she'll make it pretty close to the end, like maybe she'll be one of the last 5 people left- definitely not top 3. I'm going top 3 are Leah, Fabio and Arianne (or maybe Stefan), but its very early to predict.