Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Because whenever I see Poppy Liftin she jumps into my arms too.

Alright, I'm back after missing last week. Apologies. I'm kind of expecting people aren't reading this anymore anyway, but regardless, you know...?

So, early in the evening I get a text from Brooke asking if I had yet to see Gossip Girl, I hadn't yet watched so I replied "no", like you do, to which she responded "it blows" and then I get to Adrienne's and ask what she thought, to which she responded "it was okay". Then finally I watched and thought to myself "Is it possible we're not watching the same show?"

I loved it. Episode of the year type stuff. It was the type of Gossip Girl I love the most. It was fun and funny and silly and not too heavy, but still a bit heavy. All in all, for me it was vintage GG, so to all the haters YARI!!!

Let's do it...

-If you didn't like last night's Gossip Girl then obviously you don't like Blair. Blair has been a bit of a chore over the past few episodes, but last night she was back. There were a lot of really great lines, but there were two that were pantheon Waldorf. Of course "rats go underground, not Waldorfs" was a little piece of brilliance, but for me "I can't believe I have to see my sworn enemy with Nancy Pelosi hair" may just be Blair's greatest moment!

-The "Gabriel is bad" reveal came as a relief for me. I mean this guy is Aaron Rose bad, except I feel as though I was supposed to like Aaron Rose whereas I'm not supposed to like Gabriel. Fair play. You win. Although I still don't fully understand the scheme he's pulling and why would Poppy be involved? They're stealing money, right? Isn't Poppy rich already? Why would she need to do this? Is it a ponzi scheme of some sort?

-Oh Rufus, Rufus, Rufus. Poor, stupid Rufus. You consistently find new and exciting ways to be a terrible father. Also, what makes you think Lily would like THAT ring.

-Speaking of the ring, Dan and Jenny pooled their savings to buy it. What savings? Dan's been a cater waiter for all of three minutes and, correct me if I'm wrong, but hasn't all the work Jenny has ever done been for free?

-"That sounds really boring, especially with Eric out of town." Where the fuck is Eric?

-Vanessa and Dan got pretty tanked on, seemingly, a six pack and at best a half bottle of vodka. Oh children. And while we're on this, why would Vanessa choose to keep the six pack on the counter when there is a fridge within spitting distance? Barring all that, I really liked this moment. I thought it was a great Vanessa moment. I know she's polarizing, but I've chosen to like her.

-Remember early in this season when it really looked as though there would be some illicit Vanessa/Rufus humping? I'm still holding out hope.

-In a follow-up text Brooke wrote "I hate Serena's new man and the name Poppy". I thought that was really funny. I too can't stand the name Poppy and cringe every time they say it.

-Chuck's basketball outfit was the single best thing he's worn since the fabled anchor cardigan earlier this year. If you watch this show without realizing the hilarious nature of his clothing choices, please pay close attention to it from now on. It's almost always one of the funnier jokes on the show. And while I'm at it BASKETBALL!!!!! HA! Come on, world. This is classic stuff.

-How the fuck old is Gabriel supposed to be?

-Was I right in thinking that Jenny referred to Lily as "the V-D Dubs"? If so, then anyone who complained about this episode has immediately been proven wrong.

-And as if I needed another reason to prove the awesomeness of last night..."I see your wearing your beret, who are we spying on tonight?" Really, Brooke? Really.

-One more for good measure - "He told Chuck he met you at Butter, but I know for a fact that Butter was closed that night because I used their bartender for the Nelly Yuki SAT sabotage party!" (Yes, I took notes. I had to.)

-Fine. Fine. One more. "Nate, what are you doing here? I thought there was a Mets game. I saw Dorota wearing her hat."


-Georgina! Welcome back, princess.

-Serena looked awesome in that dress at the co-op party last night. Absolutely gorgeous, though it did look like underwear.

-Problem of the night - Blair is so not moving into an apartment in Murray Hill.

-Also, really bad showing for Nate last night. Just so stupid.

Alright, so the more I write about it I am positive this was the episode of the season. Just great stuff all around. A. For sure.


Anonymous said...

I smell ponzi scheme, Rufus will loose all his money, no Yale for Dan, Poppy is a stupid name...thats what i call my Grandfather, but some people probbaly think thats stupid, thats all, this episode was much better than last weeks with the cater waiter thing ..didnt that happen to Jack Tripper, on Threes Company, at Jacks Bistro with Mr Angelino, jusr saying last weeks episode was weak.

Anonymous said...

is no one commenting b/c I spelled some stuff wrong...I'm sorry ok..make with the comments..oh tonight's a new one anyway so eff u guys