Monday, June 15, 2009

True Blood is back...

and still so fucking bad.

I don't have time yet to really delve into how fucking bad the season premiere of "True Blood" was, but it was so, so fucking bad. So wonderfully fucking bad. Everything was just fucking gross and fucking stupid and fucking poorly acted (except for Anna Paquin who I actually think it kind of good, but that guy who plays Bill, who will only be known for this role FOREVER since no one will fucking cast him in anything else because he's so fucking bad, he was epically fucking bad.)

Nevertheless, it's a joy for me to have "True Blood" back because I hate it and sometimes it's fun to hate stuff.

I'll also talk about it more later in the week, like for example when the newly vampired teenager hears Bill's cell phone ring and says "can I have one of those" as if she doesn't know what it is. She's still a teenager who remembers her former non-vampired teenage life, but she doesn't know what a cell phone is? Really? Ha! True Blood is so fucking stupid!

Oh and Tara. I can't wait to talk about Tara. She is so fucking bad.


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"I got a demon in me!"