Monday, June 22, 2009

What I learned from watching "True Blood" last night

Maryann's power is that she can start a wicked dance party where there had not previously been a dance party. Awesome, True Blood. Awesome.

Andy Bellefleur is the only character I like. In order to save True Blood, they should just have an apocalypse so everyone dies, including vampires, except Andy Bellefleur. I guarantee it would be more interesting.

The "Sam is a dog" story is the single dumbest plotline on any show ever...any show...ever.

Things that are supposed to be funny (like Bill shopping at Forever 21) are just not funny on True Blood. Mostly because the show is so bad.

My "oh this show!" moment from last night came when Lafayette was digging through that guys remains to find his hip replacement. Just gross for gross sake and that guy must be the youngest recipient of a hip replacement in all of history.

I wish Jessica would eat her parents and then Sookie.

True Blood sucks

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