Thursday, November 20, 2008

1 day until Twilight

I'm actually getting sick of Twilight. It's actually a bit frightening the way girls are reacting to this thing. They're screaming and crying. Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart were on the Today show this morning and it was super weird. I'm pretty sure Kristen Stewart hates Robert Pattinson because he's kind of creepy and clearly in love with her and she's like "no thanks." My favorite is her answer to the question as to why she thought Pattinson should play Edward...

"I shop at used book stores" aside, I kind of like Kristen Stewart.

Anyway, the book is just about done and it's not really exciting. They really just talk about stuff. They sit in places and talk and talk and talk. Stephanie Meyer is not a good writer.

My excitement level is down almost to "Can I just get this over with already"


mara said...

wow. that whole clip made me really uncomfortable in so many ways.
1- that actor i throwing his bad boy heart throb image in the toilet. he is a goober. he's like some geek i would date.
2- that girl is obnoxious and horrible.
3- he is completely in love with her.
4- did you see when a handler buttoned merediths's coat for her? you know i'm bad at this but that was in fact meredith viera of hi-jink fame right?

Pat D Sez said...

Yes, yes it is. Hi-Jinks Pranks for Parents.
Also, my other favorite part of the clip is when they're outside and no one's paying attention to Kristen Stewart, so she's doing that "I'm really cold and TOTES done with all this" shiver step. She is obnoxious and horrible, but I think that's kind of why I like her.