Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A woman I hated on my walk home from the train

My walk from the train to my apartment is pretty long - it takes somewhere between 20 and 25 minutes. On that walk I often come across people I immediately decide to's one.

I was walking behind a woman who was talking to a friend on her cell phone, loudly, which is annoying but I'm not as perturbed by that as some. Here's why I hated her - all I heard of her conversation was "I told Sam Champion about it. I emailed him today at work. Ha! Ha! Ha!" and then she repeated it again for the benefit of those who may not have heard her.

Now, this is annoying for both of the possible meanings it could have.

The first, of course, is that this woman actually works with weatherman Sam Champion and wanted people to know that she can have an email correspondence with him at work. This is stupid because, honestly, no one cares about Sam Champion, but it's also quite possible. This is certainly worthy of hate, but it's the other possible reason this woman may have had to make this statement that is actually even worse...

This woman was making a joke about the weather.

It's starting to get cold and this makes some people unhappy. My guess is this woman was having a discussion with a friend of hers about how the change in the weather is displeasing to them, so she was essentially saying, "don't worry I took care of it, I emailed Sam Champion."


It's such a bad joke.

I can't believe that it's worse than dropping Sam Champion's name to try and impress passersby.

Either way, this lady sucked. And I hate her.


Lazy Lorsie said...

When I was like 16, I saw Sam Champion walking with a boyfriend in the Village and wearing a jansport. I was proud of this until my first real celebrity sighting at around age 19 (tommy lee). Do you hate me now?

Blanket said...

i do

Pat D Sez said...

I don't. My first real celebrity sighting was Eric Stoltz, who I would then go on to see in the city on a semi-regular basis and I though it was awesome.

Lazy Lorsie said...

Re: Eric Stolz - nothing to do with the post, just figured I'd mention that I did not know that he played Rocky Dennis in "Mask" until like, last year.

I legitimately thought they found an actor who had that facial deformity.