Friday, November 21, 2008

Let's Hope For Berlin

This is amazing. Absolutely amazing. I almost feel bad for Kristen Stewart here. Key word is almost. It's a really bad interview, but not in a Lauren Conrad way, more in a "alright, Kristen Stewart you may act it, but I'm positive you don't have anything better going on. Show some enthusiasm, you're on Letterman for god's sake.

To see a young actress absolutely nail her first Letterman interview look no further than Blake Lively...

And I don't even like Blake Lively all that much, but she's really good at being interviewed by David Letterman, that's for sure.


Blanket said...

wow, so a couple things: Kristin Stewart is cunty. truly cunty. i really hope she grows out of this.
also can you believe that blake lively's real brother is named ERIC? spoooky.

Pat D Sez said...

And he was Rusty in European vacation!

She will grow out of it. She's just young and guarded.

ExPage said...

I hate her. I hate the books. But I can't stop reading them. I just got the 4th. But I hate them. She and Robert both suck at interviews and I am over Robert;s hair already.