Thursday, February 26, 2009

Idol Top 36 Part 2

I promise this blog is not going to become strictly an American Idol blog, I just haven't had much to write about lately...

Having said that, it is gross how obvious it is when the judges are trying to sway the viewers at home to vote for the people they want to see get through. For example Megan Corkrey, who it should be said I love very much, does not deserve to go through if we're basing it just on last night's performance. The judges, however like her because as they said multiple times, she's "commercial" so Simon pleaded with America to give her another chance and vote her through which they will because they always do...

On the other hand, we have Mishavona who is nowhere near as cute or "commercial" as Megan, but she absolutely blew Megan out of the water last night. She sang the shit out of that stupid Drops of Jupiter and then the judges made all kinds of silly criticisms like she's too polished or old fashioned. What? It made no sense. She was great. Best performance of the night and she will not get through, which is a shame.

Adam Lambert is a fucking joke. He's the worst. He turned "Satisfaction" into 80's hair metal. I had a hard time watching it. The judges like him though, so he goes through. I don't get him, but I don't get Lil Rounds either and they'll probably take up two spots in the top 3 (the other being dead wife exploiter Danny Gokey)

And so does the young girl with the pink hair who was good, but didn't do that song like Carrie Underwood did a few years ago.

I'm not even going to start on Norman Gentile. He's the worst. It was marginally entertaining, though. He'll milk this. He could honestly get through. Which is frightening.

Everything else was pretty blah. The judges like that piano playing guy who SUCKED. But they talked him up enough to try to get him put through, so he's a possibility as well.

Anyway: Pink Hair, Lambert and Corkrey get through tonight

Not out of it: Piano guy, Bald welder and god help me, Norman Gentile


Anonymous said...

I dont know who he is but,Norman Gentile just sounds like someone my Mother would avoid talking to while food shopping in Waldbaums.

PA said...

Danny is not exploiting his wife's death, the show is. You shouldn't be so mean.

Blanket said...

i just love that your typo made Norman Gentle Norman Gentile, which is scores more ridiculous.

Ann Marie said...

Sometimes I marvel that you can be this dorky and still have a girlfriend. I mean that in a nice way.