Thursday, February 19, 2009

My Idol Concern

I need to talk about this very quickly and I apologize in advance to Mara and all the Gokeyphiles out there.

Listen, I like Danny Gokey. I think he's a nice guy. I think he's a fine singer and I fully believe he would have made the Top 12 regardless of the producers ramming him down my throat. But holy shit. Holy effing shit. Enough, American Idol. I get it. You've decided you want Danny Gokey to win and are planning to stop at nothing to see that happen. I can just imagine what you said in Kara's earpiece before she critiqued his fine performance on Tuesday night. Did you tell her to have an orgasm on camera?

My big problem, though is last night. Anyone who has seen an episode of American Idol knew there was absolutely no suspense surrounding the Gokey/Tatiana showdown at the end of the show, but there we have it. It's Gokey. Gokey's in the Top 12, go sing your song Danny and while you're at it our cameras will pan over to your family whom we will coach to hold up a picture of you with your dead wife just in case anyone forgot you have a dead wife.

I wouldn't have such a big problem with this had I believed these people just brought the picture to the taping with them and were so happy that, without thinking, they held the picture up so the camera could get an in focus close up on it on a live show - but they didn't. The Idol producers told them to bring it and I can just see the producer standing behind the camera lifting his arms up, signaling his poor family to hold up the picture. It's gross. It's so gross. And I don't blame Danny Gokey. It's not his fault. But it makes me not want him to win.

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Blanket said...

sorry he has the best voice. if he has a dead wife and they want to use that let them. even if he had a living wife who was an immigrant i would still want him to win.