Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Yeah, yeah, yeah

A few months ago, I devised a game wherein I asked people which celebrity they think they could have an actual relationship with - like really date as they are now. You have to take a lot of things into account when answering. This person has to legitimately like you for you. You have to have similar lifestyles and the like.

In actuality these celebrities would all have to be ok with dating someone who wasn't famous and who would, more than likely, need to be provided for.

It's a fun game and a lot of thinking has to go into it.

The next part of the game, after you've chosen your person, is to get other people who know you to guess who they think the answer is. This is the hardest part. For mine, only Jess Cantrell got it almost immediately.

I'm not asking people to guess mine, I'll give you the answer - it's Lily Allen.

Lily has a new record out - it's called It's Not Me, It's You. There's a song on it called "Fuck You." I think that kind of explains why I'd pick her.

Oh, I'm back by the way and looking forward to new Gossip Girl and once they whittle this American Idol field down to the top 12, we can start talking about that too.



Ann Marie said...

I think you want to BE Lily Allen, not date her. From what I can tell, she only dates complete assholes, because she winds up very angry at them afterward. You are not her type.

Anonymous said...

This is kinda rough for the gays...who do i have to choose from Lance Bass or Rip Taylor...there are no cool gays in Hollywood, maybe Michale Stipe but im not intellegent enough for him , he won't watch iCarly with me,or think my insights on US window factory commercials are funny, i pick Michael from D Listed, even though i dont know what he looks like, hes pretty funny .

Lazy Lorsie said...

I pick Johnny Knoxville because he's sexy and very much a boy. I dont know that hed really like me because he seems like the type who would like tall, thin hipster girls, or possibly men, and Im not really any of the above, but my current boyfriend likes to believe that he shares qualities with Knoxville, and he likes me, so thats something.

Blanket said...

i pick ryan gosling except i think i would end up thinking he wasn't funny enough (shock! i never do that) and dumping him for bam margera who would be really funny but emotionally and possibly physically abusive so i'd break up with him and joseph gordon-levitt

Blanket said...

that should read, "and end up with..."