Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Because, do you know how many jams they have there? Because it's a lot.

So, I really loved GG last night. There was a moment right at the top of the show when B and S were on the phone and B was lying about her whereabouts and then she sees Serena across the street. I cannot put into words how funny B's reaction was. It was a real "you had to be there moment", but I assume most of you were though so...one of the top 5 GG moments of all time. Anyway, here we go...

-Explain to me, right off the bat, how the Humphrey's managed to get up and shower in Brooklyn then make it to Lily's for a fancy breakfast and then made it to school on time? They would have to wake up at five in the morning.

-Dan was wearing a Strand t-shirt which made me laugh. I like how the GG writers are accepting Dan's pretentiousness and pretty much make it an in-joke. That moment when he was at Jenny's party trying to impress those girls by talking about his story was really funny. That sentence just feels wrong, like there are just too many words or something.

-I wish they would write an episode that really focuses on the girls on the steps. I think they're just great. Especially Hazel.

-"His password's been soccer since the fifth grade". This will be one of the most quotable lines in the history of the show.

-Dan's financial aid being denied is justice. His father is an ex-rock star who owns a gorgeous loft in Brooklyn and an art gallery for gods sake. You're telling me this guy has no money? Please.

-Oh how you tease me "previously on Gossip Girl people. You show me Georgina and then you give me Poppy! How dare you?

-And speaking of Poppy - Why would she want to hang out with a teenager in the first place? And easy trying to make Serena feel bad for herself. She's 17. Quit being so goddamn judgy and condescending to a fucking TEENAGER! I hate Poppy. I hate Poppy almost as much as I hated Aaron Rose.

-Also remember at the end when Poppy's boyfriend recognized Serena and walked up to her and was all "you look familiar"? Do people do that?

-I like the Nate/Vanessa thing. It felt real, you know? Like, this is how teenagers break up. Not the "I'm going to take a big time internship that my rich grandfather, who btw I actually call "grandfather", set up for me instead of going on vacation with you" part. That's ridiculous. But the "I'm going to stop talking to you until I absolutely have to in hopes of avoiding this uncomfortable break up thing" part. It felt like this show was actually populated by real teenagers for a total of fourteen seconds, which was a nice change of pace.

-The Jenny's party thing fell flat, but she looked really hot. I should not have been attracted to her, but I really was. A lot. She looked better than Serena's boobs.

-Kudos to the producers for realizing how much we love Darota and giving her more each and every week. The "maybe girl from Brooklyn cry and Mr. Nate is nice boy..." piece was great and that she's got something going on with the Van Der Woodsen's doorman is potentially great.


So I thought the show had some really great moments and some really great lines. It was actually fun tonight, which is how it should be. Just frothy fun...and Blake Lively's boobs. It wasn't perfect by any means, but I'll take it. A-


Little Fish said...

Well I don't think that the Humphrey's are supposed to be poor, but Yale's expensive and the writers need a reason for Dan to end up at Columbia next year. Perhaps Rufus invested with Madoff.

Anonymous said...

Lilly could pay for that shit, Eric and Serena will only spend it on clothes and Anal lube

Blanket said...

Ha. When you said something about there being toom any words in the sentence, I thought that was a Dan qoute from when he was being pretentious talking to the girls about the story. but it was just you talkinga bout your blog. but you're not Dan don't worry.

Lazy Lorsie said...

Its like, Im the biggest sucker because really that episode was just the writers finding any way to get in some teen makeout/sex and I fall for it hook line and sinker. Could Bass and Brooklyn have less chemistry? Its so weird that they date in real life because I thought it was ultra awkward.

And yeah, RUFUS - your loft in Dumbo is worth at least 1.5 mil.