Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Gossip Girl was great

The latest episode of Gossip Girl was really great. It's been getting consistently better episode to episode this season. For example, did you see Chuck show up at the bar in that purple suit? If you didn't, it was great. Here are some other things that were great about Gossip Girl

1.) The return of Lily Van Der Woodsen/Bass - Finally. I knew she would hate being married to Bart, but either way I'm happy to have Lily back.
2.)Blair was straight up genius in this episode. Did you have any doubt she would have everything under control re:Dutchess/Lord etc? If you did, you haven't been paying enough attention to this show. No one fucks with Blair Waldorf.
3.) Lil' J's really headstrong this season.
4.) Let's talk about Amanda shall we? She was unattractive and pushy. Obvious why Dan would like her.
5.) Dan is the worst. What a self righteous dickhead, right? Am I crazy? I worry that this show is trying to make me take Dan's side and think Serena is a bitch. If this is the case they're doing a terrible job because...
6.) SERENA!!!!! I can't believe I'm saying this, but it's official Driscoll is on the Serena train! I have been very vocal about my distaste for Serena, but if she's becoming Blair plus one than bring it on. Lively showed a side to her I was not expecting and that's a good thing.
7.) I'm into Vanessa, but my roommate pointed out that she wears far too many accessories. I agree.

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