Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Here are the things that were great about last night's Gossip Girl

1.) The super creepy, but ultimately awesome, sexual tension between Rufus and Vanessa. This has to happen, right? I mean you can't just keep teasing it and then have it not happen. I'll be pissed.
2.)The mini-Blairenas in the park.

3.)Super hot Chuck and Blair stuff. Natch.
4.)Duchess Katherine. I love her. Gimmie more Duchess. Though some things about her are clearly ridiculous (she wouldn't be shopping for clothes for Nate out in the open where anyone could see)
5.) The season's first appearance of Nelly Yuki.
6.) "Oh don't be so dramatic. Maybe your father and his date can run out and get us some coffee and sandwiches."
7.) The merciful end of Dan and Serena. Please let this be it. For real.

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Blanket said...

you forgot the s at the end of real in #7