Monday, May 18, 2009

Because it's the season finale, ya'll!!!

Ok, so it's not a live blog, it's a running diary. Suck it.

8:00 Previously on..."you know, you love me." Yep, I do.

8:01 - Mara just said re: Serena - "bracelet is stunning."

8:02 - Nate called him "grandpa", just like a real boy. So much Vanessa exposition. Now, I feel caught up. She took the SATs, is going to NYU and backpacking. Why can't they do that with Dan?

8:03 - Eric is really tiny. I wonder if that contributed to his being gay?

8:04 - "I thought we were gonna match our headbands under our caps." That's one for Waldorf!

8:05 - Woah is Dan, sorry Don , Humphrey.

8:06 - Mara: "This lighting is very early 90's sitcom that is usually inside except here it's outside. Do you know what I'm saying." I don't.

8:06 - At which point I wonder if they put a wig on me and I walked really fast, could I pass as one of the "extra" graduates. Probably not.

8:07 - Cyrus! Fabulous!

8:08 - I'm sure everyone noticed, but how does Serena get away with wearing a tassle in her hair and no grad cap?

8:08 - "Gossip Girl is going down!" Oh snap. Business just picked the FUCK up!

8:10 - I hate Dani.

8:11 - "Besides she didn't say anything about us." Just like everyone else. YARI!

8:12 - "I'll run some stats." - That's one for Bass

8:12 - Rufus needs to BEAT IT!

8:13 - Mara thinks Nate's suit doesn't fit. I disagree. I wish I could find a suit that fit like that. I miss the Duchess

8:14 - "The Insider - what's that" "Uh, it's a tabloid TV show." Never thought I'd say this...but that's one for Humphrey.

8:16 - Dan just pulled a Rufus. Finally his bad behavior has rubbed off on his son.

8:18 - The Nelly Yuki eats moments are cheap, but pretty funny nonetheless.

8:18 - I am submitting it right now - gay Jonathan is NOT gossip girl.

8:22 - Knew it

8:23 - I like Taylor Momsen so much more now that I've heard her band.


8:25 - Lily is too good for Rufus.

8:25 - Really sweet moment between Blair and Eleanor. Blair looks HOT!

8:26 - Nelly Yuki dancing shots are cheap, but really funny.

8:28 - When did "the girls on the steps" become "the mean girls?" What was once so clever has now become so generic.

8:30 - "What about my headband?" "I admire it" That's one for Waldorf and one for Bass. Good show.

8:32 - AWESOME! This episode at the half way mark is just really fun. I love that gossip girl is the common enemy.

8:33 - "Like you weren't with the dregs of DUMBO!" Point Waldorf.

8:34 - Nelly Yuki is having a helluva episode.

8:35 - Enough Chuck. You're almost pure evil.

8:37 - Hello, Emmy people, it's Pat Driscoll, don't be a bunch of fucking snobs, alright and nominate Leighton Meester. She is brilliant. Funny, angry, vulnerable. EVERYTHING.

8:37 - Mara and I agree, we're done with "Chuck and Blair." It should have just happened. It didn't, so... peace!

8:39 - Mara -"Enough with your glory days Rufus."

8:44 - Blair passing the torch to Jenny is a pantheon moment.

8:45 - Dan: "I Loopt you!" Ha! My world's collide!

8:51 - "My mother married an entertainment lawyer." One for Blair. Blair wins tonight's battle.

8:52 - Worst Nate Archibald line reading ever. "What's up Dan? Vanessa?"


8:55 - "Haven't you ever heard of a foreign queen." It's Waldorf in a landslide.

8:55 - At which point I realize it's Dan's brother and flip out!

8:56 - IT IS, IT IS! YES!

8:57 - Really tied the whole Poppy thing up in a sweet little bow, huh? I couldn't be more excited about this Georgina business! This is great...

8:58 - Lots-O-Cliffhangers! They make me happy. All of them.

8:59 - Alright, fine. He gets this last chance, but this is it. Fine. I'll take it.

All in all, well... it was good. Not great. I'm excited about these cliffhangers though. Great season. It was fun. Franny's gonna guest blog this shit later in the week, so stay tuned.

Episode B
Season B+

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Lazy Lorsie said...

So, they milked the Blair and Chuck tension just too far so in the end, their getting together was kind of unsatisfying.

I know you love Momsen but its like alright, costume. She looked like an absolute ass.

Serena's tassle in the hair made me full of fury (my at rest emotion)

Craig came home during the last 20 mins. I was watching and I refused to turn it off. I wanted him to realize how great it was but he was getting furious at how they just kept saying "Gossip Girl." When I turned to look at him at the end, he was giving me the finger.

Franny as a guest blogger? Im ready for misspelled hilarity!