Tuesday, January 6, 2009

...And we're back. Finally

Rejoice world. It's back. It's been too long and oh how I've missed you...well not all of you. I haven't missed Aaron or Dan or Serena or Rufus or Lily or Nate...but Chuck, Blair, Jenny and Dorota...I've missed you...like, a lot.

-The show begins and almost immediately we learn that OMG SERENA HAS DUMPED AARON! Thank god! What a wonderful moment. The rat is gone! Upon hearing this great news I paused the DVR and told Mara to "let the relief wash over you" and then exclaimed "I haven't been this happy since they killed Johnny off 'The OC'" and I meant it.

-I do wish I could have seen Serena tell Aaron it was over. That would have made the moment a touch better for me. To see the pain on his face would have brought me great happiness.

-Blair is trying to join some society of old ladies who, we'll find out later, wear a lot of argyle. I don't pay much attention to this story development as I know it will only serve as a crutch for Blair to have a big moment in denying them down the line. Which she does. Meh.

- If I could be anybody, I think it would probably be Chuck Bass

-Really quick, remember way back in season one when Eric tried to commit suicide? Ok. Good. Now fast forward to last night when Chuck said to him "I'm going to check out the view from above." I don't think Chuck was actually suicidal despite walking on the ledge, but come on Eric if anyone should be able to read the signs it should be you.

-How old is Jack Bass supposed to be? I don't find it terrible that he would desire to sleep with Blair, who is extremely attractive 17 or not, I'm just wondering. It seems as though he is actually a comparable age, but I'm not sure. Did they tell us?

- I think I'm starting to warm up to Dan a bit. This could just be that he is scores better than our not-so dearly departed Aaron, but I'm finding him likable.

-Spin off Darota. I'll write it. With all the news about the possible travesty that will be Rufus and Lily the early years, why not scratch that and find something for Darota.

-I love Blair's clear eyed hatred of Dan. I also loved the summit on whether or not Nelly Yuki could leave the "girls on the steps." That's the GG I've come to adore.

-Lil' J had a great comeback to Constance Billiard, but I would have totally taken the offer to be "queen" had I been her. She could have sabotaged it from the inside. Teenagers.

-Pinkberry. Obvi.

-Hazel is adorable.

-I know I should talk about Lily and Rufus' kid. There I did.

-More Rufus turtlenecks. That man loves turtlenecks almost as much as he loves Semisonic, or so I'd imagine.

-So Serena and Dan share a sibling. I don't get why this is such a big deal. I could get over it. I also love how that's where Chuck would draw the line. This is a guy who tried to date rape Lil' J on a roof in the pilot.

-Apparently Dan Humphrey has never seen what a tan actually looks like because let me tell you, pal Serena didn't have one.

-I'm really confused by the Constance Billiard uniform. Who has to wear it and who doesn't and why have we not discussed this before. Also, the mean girls carry their handbags like Sophia Petrillo.

Alright, so I'm happy to have my friends back, but the episode was mediocre. It was still better than having no episode at all so I'll be generous here and give it a B-


Little Fish said...

The old society ladies were rocking tons of argyle not plaid- there was really no reason for me to clarify that other then to sound like a snotty bitch, but I did it anyway.

I'd say Jack Bass is in his mid 30's

Thank you for mentioning the uniform thing- it's been pissing me off forever!

Didn't you find it odd that Chuck was going through all kinds of stuff last night, but Nate wasn't around. He wasn't even in the episode at all.

Pat D Sez said...

I absolutely meant argyle. It has been changed. Thank you, littlefish.

Blanket said...

Yes, I will answer for Pat. He did find it odd that nate wasn't in the episode. He even said, "where's Nate?" at least twice.

Lazy Lorsie said...

I like, couldnt pay attention to this episode - either because I'd finally figured out my new ipod touch or because of Rufus/Lily's kid, but like you said - I'm glad it's back.

However, I did download the pilot (never saw a lot of season 1) for my ipod, watched half on the train this morning to be finished upon dismissal, and never expected a Pat D Sez Spoiler, so thanks - fatass.

ExPage said...

I too am confused by the lack of uniforms. It appears to be more of a dress code.

There have been Jenny-less episodes before, I believe. There's been Nate-less episodes, as well...Lily was gone for a few. It happens.

B- is VERY generous.