Thursday, January 8, 2009

Some stray observations from last night's marathon TV session

I watched the People's Choice Awards just long enough to hear Queen Latifah say this..."And now to present our next award the illegally handsome star of Criminal Minds - Shemar Moore." They hire professional writers and that was the best intro they could come up with! Moore then walked to the microphone and shouted "How many people like reality TV!" I changed the channel and did not return.

So, I watched The Real World...The ex-army guy is writing a book, which will no doubt be published by MTV books. It has to be. Also, I know everyone is talking about the Mormon kid's sexuality, but I think it's the army guy that's a latent homosexual seeing as he's more obsessed with who is gay than anyone in the house. We will very rarely hear from the bodybuilder guy. He's my sure-fire "will get lost in the shuffle" cast member. Katelynn is going to be a pantheon RW cast member and not just because she's transgender. She's actually kind of interesting and self aware. My favorite thing about her, though is her name. She was once a dude and when she became a girl she had to choose what her name would be. She chose Katelynn and chose to spell it that way. That's not how you spell it.

Alright, Top Chef. Toby Young is a hack. It was so clear that he wrote all of his comments beforehand and then shoe horned them in where he felt they would work. That "Tom Cruise in Tropic Thunder" line was so disgustingly forced. Not so forced was Fabio's great "It's Top Chef, not Top Scallops" line which could end up on a t-shirt at the end of the season. Carla survived and I'm glad - it was time for Melissa and Eugene to go. Now all the dead weight is gone and the season should really take off.

It's not fun watching the Rangers, it's only frustrating.

I'd talk about how great Damages was, but no one watched it so I'll spare you. It was great, though.

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David Dust said...

You are absolutely right - Toby Young is a snitty, bitchy HACK!

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