Thursday, January 15, 2009

You want answers?

So, Mara had an interview posted on her blog that another blogger, 1littlefish, sent her, you know like an interview chain. so now it's my turn, here are the rules:
1. If you want to participate, leave me a comment saying, “Interview me.” (And your e-mail address, please.)
2. I will respond by emailing you five questions. I get to pick the questions.
3. You will update your blog with the answers to the questions.
4. You will include this explanation and an offer to interview someone else in the same post.
5. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions.

Here are the questions and my answers...

1.)If your lady friend was having your baby and you were going to do that thing where you put headphones around the pregnant belly so the baby can hear music, what songs would you put on your baby’s mix? (keep in mind that this is a baby we’re talking about)

Well, most mix tapes can be somewhere around 16 or 17 songs deep. I don't think anyone wants me to list all of them, so I'm gonna pick five.

"Midnight Train to Georgia" by Gladys Knight and the Pips - "Midnight Train to Georgia" is, perhaps, the greatest song ever written and it's mellow enough that it shouldn't disrupt the fetus. Plus, if you're gonna do this you should really try to use only important songs so that when the kid grows up they don't like shit. You know?

Angie by The Rolling Stones - It's a really great song. Really great. And if the baby is a girl, Angie is on the short list for names (though I assume Adrienne would nix it and tell me it's trashy) If I got my way, however that kid's name would not be Angela and we call her Angie, it would just be Angie and no calling her "Ang" either.

At My Most Beautiful by REM - I really like this song. A lot. It's a simple love song and I'm pretty sure it was written for a grown up, but when Stipe sings about watching the object of his affection sleep, I've always thought that must be what it's like to love a kid. Not in a creepy way. Your kid. The one you've made.

Stevie Nix by The Hold Steady - Listen, I know the common thought regarding this whole headphones on the belly thing is that it should be relaxing music and Enya and shit, but eff that. My kid is going to have to deal with a whole lot of rock 'n roll when it's out of the womb so it should be prepared for it. To compromise, I'll turn the volume down.

Age Of Consent by New Order - I once did a list of my 100 favorite songs ever (this was a few years ago). This list was made before I fell in love with New Order (I snobbily thought it was too synth-y and new wave-y and that I wouldn't like it). If I made that list today there is absolutely no way Age of Consent doesn't make Top 5 and would have a damn good chance at the number one spot. How can I not play that for my future kid.

I'm doing a sixth...

Bring It On Home To Me by Sam Cooke - No explanation necessary for this one.

2.) If you were given the option to write upside down for the rest of your life (including typing, the keyboard would be upside down) or read upside down for the rest of your life (also including computer) what would you pick?

Honestly, I don't really get this question. Are there merits to these things? I don't understand why I would want to read upside down. When would I be upside down, like in space or something? I guess I'll pick write upside down and am further guessing that my not understanding this question makes me just a little but stupid.

3.) If you could date one of the several characters on television that you are in love with who would you pick and why? The only guarantee is the first date. You have to take it from there. And they are not the actor but the character and age doesn’t matter. Perv.

This question is so good I can't believe it. As a real TV nut, you see, I don't really develop crushes on actresses, but rather their idealized form - the characters they play. So, this question is great, though really easy. I knew what the answer was immediately and am sure that anyone who knows me well probably knew too, even Adrienne - my real life girlfriend (she would probably say Seely Booth from Bones for herself, or George Michael Bluth). Without question and without any serious competition it's Rory Gilmore from the Gilmore Girls. The closest number two is probably Buffy Somers, but she honestly isn't that close. Rory is smart, funny independent and she comes from good stock (her parents are really, really attractive) plus she reads a lot and knows a lot about music - we'd probably have a lot to talk about. She can be whiny sometimes, but that's part of her charm - if she was too perfect it would just be irritating.

4.) Do you have any embarrassing stories you are comfortable sharing with us? Preferably from adolescence, and preferably something you’re not entirely comfortable sharing.

Embarrassing stories? Jeez, there's probably a million. I have the worst memory. The problem is, everyone already knows them - "Dear Dara", "Take off your pants, buddy", my teenage love of Kira, "I'm such a good skanker" - these are all things that I get made fun of on a pretty regular basis. I am, literally trying so hard to think of something that has never been discussed.

Alright, this really isn't that embarrassing, but I guess it could work. When I was in probably 5th or 6th grade I used to hang out with "the cool kids" you know even though they didn't really like me are were mostly just mean - I think I probably won in the end - and as a result I used to do mean thing because well, they were the "cool kids" and that's what "cool kids" always do. One day we were on someone's garage roof throwing crab apples at cars and people. Someone in our group threw one at a girl who then proceeded to chase us and she caught me. I started to cry and she let me go. When the people I was with found me I told them I was pretending to cry so she would let me go, but that was a lie. I was actually crying.

Also, I once met Joan Allen and I told her she should have been nominated for an Oscar for "The Upside of Anger." The embarrassing thing about that is I meant it.

5.) Please tell us everything illegal you’ve ever done. Including but not limited to: underage drinking, trespassing on the beach, statutory rape, date rape, rape rape, arson, vandalism, murder, extortion, manslaughter, money laundering, running red lights...

Alright let's see, I'm guilty of

-underage drinking
-trespassing on the beach
-statutory rape
-date rape
-running red lights


Blanket said...

the embarrassing story is great, and truly embarassing.

Little Fish said...

Midnight Train to Georgia by Gladys Knight and The Pips is my favorite song of all time!

Great call on Rory Gilmore.

ellipses said...

You are correct on two fronts: Angie is trashy (are you serious? why not Nikki or Crystal while you are at it?) and Booth, for sure.

Pat D Sez said...

Oh, I see then I guess Miss Angie Dickinson was trashy.

Lazy Lorsie said...

I am absolutely crying laughing at #4, Im at work and had to pretend I was coughing

Lazy Lorsie said...

Also interview me. You know my address. Mara pretended she would but then ignored me

Lazy Lorsie said...

i know ive done enough commenting, but I have to ask - next time we're all together, could you PLEASE, please tell the story of when Craig tried to kill himself in traffic because of his broken heart? Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I love it so much

Ann Marie said...

Ok, Angie is a little trashy.. but in any case never give a daughter a diminutive name. Diminutive names are nick names. Women need the option of a woman's name. I have a friend who will never forgive her parents for naming her "Betsy," when she was clearly meant to be a Liz.

Ann Marie said...

And for the record: PUtting headphones on a pregnant belly is stupid (however, it is a good place to rest your coffee cup).

But here are the three lullabies I sang to my kids regularly from the moment they got out of said belly: The Rose of Tralee, Thunder Road, and most of all, Tom Waits' "You're innocent when you dream.

Also: I'm sure your mom will be happy to know that you've never laundered money.