Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I Didn't Watch The Debate

There, I said it. I feel guilty, like a bad uninformed American. I had planned to watch them, too. Hell, I even DVR’d them with the express purpose to watch them - which I’d imagine is the only purpose one has when DVRing anything. I started watching them, too. I put them on. I lasted about twelve minutes and then I said, "I don’t feel like watching the debate" and I turned it off and watched Desperate Housewives, which I DVR’d on Sunday with the express purpose of watching it. I watched it and it was good. I especially liked it when Mrs McClusky was defending herself to Edie’s husband after she made a joke about Edie’s fake boobs. She said “That’s how Edie and I talk to each other, I tell her she’s easier to get into than community college and she tells me my face look like a knee.”


That’s way funnier than the debates. The debates are boring and plus, I know who I’m voting for anyway

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Ann Marie said...

I did watch the debate. I was all psyched to watch the debate. I had debate fever.

I fell asleep.

If it ain't got Sarah Palin, it just ain't good television.