Monday, October 6, 2008

Sarah Palin reviews the new conservative comedy "An American Carol"

Oh well, let me tell ya something I thought it was just great. It was really doggone funny and that Jew director is real Jew maverick. Just like John McCain, who is also a maverick. He's not a Jew though. ISRAEL! James Garner was a maverick once too, when he was on that television show Maverick and also when he was in the movie version of the television show Maverick, also called Maverick, except in the Maverick movie Mel Gibson played Maverick. If they were gonna make a Maverick movie today I’d probably hope they’d cast John McCain to play the Maverick. Because that’s what he is, a maverick. Except this Maverick wouldn’t take place in the old West, no siree Bob, this Maverick would take place in these United States and it would concern drillin' and fightin’ Bill Ayers…and mavericks.

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