Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Like a Bass out of hell

I didn't write about Gossip Girl this week. Not because it wasn't good, it was fine, but because I just didn't have time and then when I did it was too late. Everything had been said.

Having said that, though... Really? Lil' J gets a drastic new look and they barely touch on it. Oh, just another day in the Humphrey house I guess. I can't wait until Jenny ends up a cokehead. It has to happen, right?

Oh! And Agnes? That's such a writer name for a model. The next one will be named Sophie.

I also hate Aaron - he makes Dan look good. Dan, who, after last week's "almost-did-it" attempt to make me like him, I still hate. I love how the GG writers gave Aaron as many hipster accoutrements as possible. Big Ole' glasses - check. Urban Outfitter Scarf - check. Ironic moustache - almost check. He is to hip-sters what Vanessa is to hip-pies. Apparently any character that can best be described with a "hip" prefix is destined to wear a lot of accessories on this show.

Does anyone else find it weird that these high school kids manage to "go and have a drink" and then actually go to a bar, sit AT THE BAR and have a drink? I guess it's all about suspension of disbelief, but I went to a private high school in Manhattan and when I was 16, and this is a true story, I was turned away from seeing Jerry Maguire at the movie theater on 86th and Lex because it was rated R. Swear to god!

Lastly, even I found it weird to watch Lil' J dancing around in her bra. She was very awkward and clearly uncomfortable.

That's it.

the episode was fine. Not as good as last week. B.


Little Fish said...

Jenny + Nate = Beige

Apparently Rufus's parenting skills have gone out the window. He didn't notice that his daughter was out til all hours of the night. Oh and I'm hating the new "I'm like totally into fashion design" makeover they gave Jenny.

Thankfully Chuck and Brooke were fantastic as usual.

Pat D Sez said...

Agreed. Rufus was a better father when he was on tour.

Lazy Lorsie said...

I cant even stand you at all for not telling me sooner that you were NOT ADMITTED TO JERRY MAGUIRE!!! (I keep wanting to write McGuire but thats not it?)

Anyway the Nate/Jennie thing came out of nowhere huh? Like way to just all of a sudden have him inexplicably excited to "hang out with her" when he gets out of the shower.

I was wondering when you'd recap, patty d. Ive checked multiple times. What a herb.

Blanket said...

oh my god, i can't believe i didn't know you got turned away from jerry maguire. I have never been happier.