Thursday, October 16, 2008

This is an actual email I wrote to friends following last night's Project Runway finale

(NOTE: I'm changing nothing from the original email, sent to my roommate Mara and in a modified version to Brooke, so if there are grammar mistakes, spelling mistakes keep in mind, it was an email and written in haste.)


Well, I know you were all swoony over Leanne's collection, for me - meh. Here's my thing. I get it. Meticulously crafted. Beautiful. I know. Not for me. I mean, Jesus Christ, how many waves do I have to look at. She is a great craftswoman, but to me, and I am fully aware that the only thing I know about fashion comes from Project Runway so I'm mostly ignorant, it's just not that creative. The first one, sure maybe even the second and the third but by the eighth and ninth and tenth petal outfit, I'm out. I know you're gonna say she did a lot of different things-there were pants, shorts, skirts-whatevs. They all looked like fucking wave pools no matter how well sewn.

Korto - I liked it, but that's it. I didn't feel very strongly about it either way. That green dress was really nice. I really like her. She is by far my favorite person on the show and her daughter is dead cute. But that's all I have to say.

Now I'm going to defend Kenley so be prepared.

Before I start, I want to say again that my knowledge of fashion is very small, miniscule at that. I only know what I like and I like Kenley. Kenley, for me, is the most creative of the designers and one of the things I liked most about her collection were the missteps. To me personally, Kenley has so many ideas in her head and when they spill out sometimes there not good and sometimes they're beautiful. There's almost no in-between. She's an artist. She's Radiohead to Leanne's Coldplay. Now, I know nothing about these other designers, so I haven't seen the things they are claiming she copied, but I believe them and figure that this was Kenley's undoing and deservedly so. I do also believe that she is unaware of these other designers-which works both in her favor and to her detriment. She should absolutely know these things and more than likely because of that didn't deserve to win. She did, however deserve to be the runner-up.

I won't complain about Leanne's win. She deserved it. That doesn't mean I'm ever gonna stop thinking she's super boring and I will forever make fun of "Let's take this baby for a ride".

Also, remember when they were at the model casting and Leanne was like "it's really annoying when Kenley tries to tell me which models would be best for my collection" or whatever? Here's the translation "It's really annoying when Kenley tries to help me."

Kenley was really trying hard to mend some fences there and it was clear no one was gonna give her a break. That's some catty shit motherfucker.

One final note: I did not think it was fair to have Tim Gunn be the judge. I love him a lot and I do believe he remained unbiased, but I think it put him in a very weird position and seemingly only said nice things about everybody when some serious critiquing needed to be done.

I give the season a C

Come with it, girl.


Little Fish said...

You're right about Tim. You're wrong about Kenley. I know I should say "I disagree with you about Kenley" since this should be a matter of opinion, but I'm in a rather self-righteous mood.

Really, You've Done Enough said...

I read YOUR blog. Check and mate.