Tuesday, October 14, 2008

OMFG Part 2

Hi. Let me start by saying, I really liked Gossip Girl last night flaws and all. I think that’s part of the charm for me – pointing out the things that are ridiculous while still relishing in the awesomeness that is Blair Waldorf. Let’s start with the bitching first though, shall we?

1.) Blair would never have been that flustered in her meeting with the Dean. This is Blair fucking Waldorf – the girl who brought down Jenny Humphrey, the girl who single handedly rid the GG world of Duchess Katherine (I miss you, Duchess Katherine) – come on people. While we’re at it, what was up with her hat at the end of the episode. She wouldn’t wear that.

2.) She was totally awesome though in the scene where she put Serena on the spot for killing a dude at the mixer and when she found those ceramic cats. Classic Blair. I loved it.

3.) Serena was a real bitch in this episode. I was on board, but I still hated that it was at Blair’s expense.

4.) Oh yeah, Rufus you should totally let Jenny quit school to follow her dreams at the age of 15 while Blair’s mom breaks all sorts of child labor laws to keep her working there. While we’re at this, why does what Vanessa says matter so much to Rufus? I’ll tell you, because he’s going to sleep with her soon. Hopefully, really soon. Like in the next episode.

5.) I was, however really annoyed with all the Jenny/Rufus stuff. I didn’t care, I still don’t. Total snoozefest. I mean, Jesus the rest of the cast was at this magical fictional college and we have to sleep through this shit? What? That was supposed to be the real Yale. Ha!

6.) Dan’s terrible. I was so happy when he got tied up and humiliated.

7.) Yeah, because cute college girls are really gonna be drawn to some doe-eyed high school senior. I guess it was Chase Crawford though, who I’m told is exceptionally handsome.

8.) At least there was no annoying Dan and Serena stuff.

9.) Chuck’s sweater at the end of the episode, the one with the anchors on it, was awesome.

10.) The reveal about the lipstick cameras and the “I own you” shit, in retrospect not so awesome. I liked it when it happened, but now I think it’s pretty cheese.

11.) Lily and Rufus sitting in a tree B-O-R-I-N-G. (I know it’s one letter less than K-I-S-S-I-N-G, but if you drag out the “B” while singing, it works.)

12.) Serena’s boobs were magnificent in the episode, but really would she ever wear those outfits while visiting an Ivy League school?

13.) While we’re at this, the dean of a school like Yale would never hand write a letter to a socialite begging her to come to visit the school. Ever. You think Paris Hilton ever got one of those letters? Doubtful.

14.) Page Six would have absolutely known who Lily Bass was.

15.) Marc Jacobs should really be re-thinking some things if he’s resorted to naming a bag after someone as bland as Serena Van Der Woodson.

16.) "I hate that headband!" Me too, Serena. Me too.

I guess that’s it. Really fun episode though. Let’s make with Rufus and Vanessa stat, though. Alright GG writers?

All in all, the episode rates a B.

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Lazy Lorsie said...

I am definitely not as on board with the creepo Rufus/Vanessa plotline. It was good on Dawson's Creek with Pacey and the teacher, but now it's been done, and just means more Rufus time.

And furthermore, I cant stand Vanessa and like Mara way more.